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Soon it will be possible to present someone with internal app purchases

THE Apple made a small but notable change to its App Store guidelines, now allowing developers to add an option for internal app purchases are presented between users.

Until then Ma forbade such an option, so that users could give as a gift to other people only paid apps and not their internal content. But the change in the form of consumption of services and the greater offer of internal purchases may have caused the company to adjust its rules.

Apps can activate items eligible for gifts on in-app purchases for others. These gifts can only be returned to the original buyer and cannot be exchanged.

The details on how this support will be implemented are not yet clear; Apple will soon be providing more information to developers. In addition, the new rule implies that it is up to the developer to enable (or not) the option, rather than being a general feature of the App Store.

However, it is likely that the feature will not be available for Christmas (when there is a peak in purchases and downloads from the App Store), since apps shipped during the recess period of app store employees (from 12/23 to 27 / 12) will only be evaluated after the holiday.

We will follow the news and will inform you as soon as it is available to everyone.

via MacRumors