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Recent updates on the App Store: iTunes Remote, TestFlight, Trello, Gboard, OneDrive, VOX and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that have recently been updated on the App Store.

Today we have:

IOS Apps

ITunes Remote app icon

Compatibility with iPhone X, a totally new look and style on the iPad and iPhone, plus stability and performance improvements. ITunes 12.7.5 is recommended with Remote 4.4.

TestFlight app icon

Minor improvements in stability and performance.

Trello app icon

The "Homepage" is now the first navigation option but don't worry, you can still go straight to your pictures too; ?Next? shows cards that have a future delivery date or have recently expired, cards with active conversations that require your response and cards that have added you as a member, but that still have no activities; ?Highlights? displays chart cards that may be of interest to you. This view can be used to keep you updated on your team's activities, as well as to respond directly to the cards without having to enter each chart.

Gboard app icon, the Google Keyboard

Three new and fun camera effects to create a GIF; added compatibility with the hau language.

Microsoft Outlook app icon

With the new feature Time to Leave (Time to Leave), you will receive a friendly notification when it is time to leave for the next event.

Foursquare Swarm app icon: Check-in App

Would you like to leave a helpful piece of advice for other people who visit the places for which you do check in? How do you ?avoid the morning rush? or ?this club will change your whole life? or ?this great park for naps?? Well, do not wish for more, because now you can! Would you like to make your friends list private? Great news, because you can do that too now.

Behance app icon - from Adobe

Share instantly using Work in Progress, a new format with 24-hour cycles; common feed large, high-quality images from the community, it became even easier to discover works; the projects are in full screen, and now just swipe to switch between them.

Uber app icon

Adjusting the color of the withdrawal confirmation search bar to facilitate viewing; addition of an Uber Bike rental timer for users who have access to the resource.

Uber Eats app icon: food delivery

New icon and bug fixes (including one that was causing unnecessary reloading of the cart for users browsing in guest mode).

Spark Camera & Video Editor app icon

Updates to make Spark work well with Instagram's IGTV.

Infuse 6 app icon

Select specific Plex libraries to scan; caption configuration ?Forced only? added; SNI support (Server Name Indication); French language support (from Canada).

Infuse Pro 5 app icon

Select specific Plex libraries to scan; caption configuration ?Forced only? added; SNI support (Server Name Indication); French language support (from Canada).

MacOS apps

OneDrive app icon

When synchronization is paused, click on the track to resume synchronization.

VOX app icon: MP3 & FLAC Music Player

Artists now have works of art downloaded from Internet databases; fixed ordering on VOX Cloud for artists and albums beginning with ?A?, ?The? and special symbols; better support for large VOX Cloud libraries; bug fixes.