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Parallels Toolbox Packs bring useful features to your Mac's menu bar

THE Parallels is proud to be one of the leading producers of cross-platform software (that is, to run Windows and its applications on macOS), but it also makes very interesting utility software even for those on one side of the wall. This novelty is a good example of this: the developer today announced its new Toolbox Packs, sets of small tools that help the daily life of the user in a series of areas.

The three packages can be purchased separately or together and live in a window that is always present in the menu bar of your Mac (or in the toolbar of your PC, since the solution is also present in Windows).

Just them:

  • Presentation Pack: designed for professionals, teachers, students and other users who make a lot of presentations, the package brings appropriate tools for the habit, like a button that hides the whole mess of your desktop, another that opens all the usual applications with one click and another one that locks up your computer quickly with the end of the exposure. It also features timekeeping features such as a stopwatch, alarm and countdown timer, in addition to No Disturb tools and a utility that blocks all system notifications, so there are no disturbances.
  • Screen and Video Pack: designed for creative professionals and vloggers, brings enhanced screenshot features with the option of recording the screen or portions of it and converting the result to GIFs or videos, in addition to an enhanced camera application for your machine's webcam; it also brings a utility to download videos from Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo, as well as an embedded converter of multimedia formats.
  • Disk and System Pack: designed for basic and advanced users who want to take care of their storage and disk, it has automated optimization tools, one of which cleans your HDD or SSD from cache, another finds duplicate files and a third terminates useless processes to free its memory. It also brings utilities to eject volumes, change screen resolution quickly and archive files, as well as easy access to features like Avio Mode, disable the camera / microphone or lock the screen.

Parallels packages are sold under the subscription scheme; each of them costs $ 10 per year (per platform, so if you want the versions for macOS and Windows, you have to pay separately) and the three together come out per $ 20 yearly. The developer offers a seven-day trial period on its website.

Nice, huh?

via iDownloadBlog