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Original Apple series may debut a little later than expected

Much is said about the arrival of the infamous platform of streaming of videos Apple certainly does not lack news of new series, contracts and big names joining the initiative of Ma, which, it seems, already arrives with both feet at the door.

What no one knows so far, of course, when: neither Apple nor any of those involved in the projects found their tongue in their teeth to offer even a prediction of when the platform will go live. According to a report by New York Times in March, the service was expected to open its doors sometime in the first half of 2019, possibly in March; since, everyone started to consider this the platform's debut date. Well, we might have to wait a little longer.

In a story about the production of new franchise series "Peanuts" (more on that below), the Variety one of the most influential and accurate publications in the entertainment world, stated, in passing, that the platform of streaming Apple should be released sometime in the second half of 2019. That is, at least three months later than previously planned.

It is not a surreal bet: traditionally, the first semester is a warmer period for Apple; launching such a gigantic product may make more sense closer to the end of the year, when it can gain a boost from consumers by buying new iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs. In order to know what actually happens, however, we will have to wait seated.


Going back to "Peanuts", the aforementioned matter of Variety first brought Apple's newest deal. It is a contract with DHX Media, owner of the rights of the beloved franchise that has characters like Snoopy and Charlie Brown, to produce new series, specials and shorts from the universe created by Charles M. Schulz.


It is not known exactly what content will come out of this partnership, but one of them has already been announced: an educational short starring the Snoopy astronaut that will focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

It is also uncertain whether the agreement between Apple and DHX Media will bring Apple's existing franchise series and movies platform "Peanuts" or if only original content will be displayed there.

Jennifer Garner

Finally, another series was added to Ma's already extensive catalog of original productions.

As reported (again) Variety, Apple signed a contract to produce the first season of a new series starring the actress Jennifer Garner (?De Repente 30?) and with executive production of J.J.Abrams ("Star Wars: The Awakening Out"). The most fond of television will remember that this represents the reunion of the two after the successful series "By the way".

Jennifer Garner and J.J.AbramsJennifer Garner and J.J.Abrams

The series in question based on ?My Glory Was I Had Such Friends?, a memoir written by Amy Silverstein about a group of friends who supported her while she waited for a second heart transplant that would be the only way to save her life. Garner to interpret the fictional version of Silverstein.

The series will be written by Karen Croner; she, Silverstein, Abrams and Ben Stephenson will serve as executive producers on the show, which obviously has no release date yet.

via iDownloadBlog, 9to5Mac, Cult of Mac