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Next bank customers can now transfer money by voice command using Siri

O next, a digital bank created by Bradesco, updated its application this week with a significant change.

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Among the features implemented such as recharging the cell phone directly through the app, sharing proof of payment via WhatsApp or other networks, history of the current month and up to two previous ones from Flow, one called a lot of attention: money transfer using Siri. That's right, just ask Siri to transfer a certain amount to a person using the next app they make.

For this, you need to enable the command in the app (properly updated, running version 7.0 or higher) and have the account that you want to transfer the registered money. The service was built using Watson, IBM's cognitive computing platform.

?We seek to provide our customers with the best solutions, experiences and benefits. The availability of the transaction by voice, using Siri, is another advancement within our set of facilities ?, said Jeferson Honorato, executive superintendent of next.

It is worth noting that next is not the first bank to have this type of resource. Neon (yes, the one who died and was resurrected) became a virtual assistant allowing the transfer of voice commands last year.

Some other banks such as Ita, Bradesco and Original also bet on voice commands, but in the case of these, the solution used within the app itself, without any relationship with Siri.

via IDG Now !, Tecnoblog