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New Microsoft Edge with Chrome technology coming to macOS and Windows | Browsers

Microsoft announced on Thursday (6) on its official blog, that Microsoft Edge will undergo major changes and adopt the base technology of Chrome. The browser will be redesigned to allow installation on older versions of Windows, such as 7 and 8, in addition to being compatible with macOS, Apple's exclusive operating system.

To implement the modifications, Microsoft must adopt Chromium, which is the open source project used by other browsers, such as Google Chrome and Opera itself. With the new Microsoft Edge, the company hopes to reach a larger number of users, making the browser compatible with most of the pages available on the Internet.

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New Microsoft Edge based on Chrome arrive on Windows and macOS Photo: Zingara Lofrano / TechTudoNew Microsoft Edge based on Chrome arrive on Windows and macOS Photo: Zingara Lofrano / TechTudo

New Microsoft Edge based on Chrome arrive on Windows and macOS Photo: Zingara Lofrano / TechTudo

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The changes should be positive for Microsoft Edge users. Currently, the browser is directly integrated with Windows 10 and its update depends on updating the system as a whole. In the future, Microsoft Edge may be updated more frequently and independently of the platform.

The redesign of Microsoft Edge will also allow it to be downloaded on Apple computers, so it is a Microsoft strategy to reach developers who create pages based only on the macOS system. With that, the browser can become as competitive as Google Chrome, which is the most used browser in the world today.

Remember that Microsoft Edge can be used on tablets or iPhones that have iOS, Apple's operating system developed for mobile devices. Therefore, the reformulation of the browser will be focused exclusively on computers. As soon as the new edition of Edge is ready, users of Windows versions 7 and 8 will be able to download it to the computer.

Microsoft has ensured that Microsoft Edge will continue with the same name and the redesigns mean improvements to the browser, not replacing it with new software. Despite adding the Chromium open code, the browser functionality and interface will continue to be developed by Microsoft, respecting the company's tradition of creating exclusive products.

The release of the latest version of Microsoft Edge does not yet have an official date. First, the browser must be tested by participants of the Windows Insider program. As soon as the final version is ready, it will be made available to all users, which could happen in 2019.

Via Microsoft and The Verge

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