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New entry-level Mac Pro is not very good for games, apparently

There is no denying: Macs have always been notoriously bad options for gamers, for the simple reason that the catalog of games for the computers of Ma pfio (although it is increasing). Even so, it was to be expected that, with the R $ 52,269 requests for the new Mac Pro the machine could run some heavier titles with considerable dexterity, right? Good no.

O YouTuber Quinn Nelson went to the field to test his incoming Mac Pro, equipped with an eight-core (3.5GHz) Intel Xeon W processor and a board AMD Radeon Pro 580X with 8GB of memory, in addition to 32GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. The results were disappointing: the Mac version of Shadow of the Tomb Raider (which optimized for the engine Metal, moreover), running at maximum configuration, ran at only 28 frames per second, for example.

Things did not improve by installing Windows on the Mac Pro via Boot Camp: Nelson managed (after a lot of work) to connect an NVIDIA GPU that is not compatible with macOS to the Microsoft operating system, but the performance remained poor. The games only started to show an improvement in the frame rate after the YouTuber installed an AMD 5700XT card in the computer but still, with only ?acceptable? performance.

None of this is even hopeless: nobody, after all, buy a Mac Pro with the main objective of being a gaming machine even more knowing that the Radeon Pro 580X, although very competent for processes such as video editing and modeling, is not a board designed for video games.

Still, here's the tip: if you thought that a professional computer so expensive would handle any type of task well, you can see that it is not so.

via Cult of Mac