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How to Make Extra Income on Rent a Local Friend

Nowadays, trying to make extra income working from home has become increasingly common, through many different platforms. Here, we will explain how to make extra income at Rent a Local Friend, one of the best of its kind, where you choose how and when you work.

If you want to know how it works and how to make money as a rental friend, keep reading our article and check all the details below!

1. What does Rent a Local Friend?

Before you know how to make extra income on Rent a Local Friend, you need to understand what it is. Therefore, we will explain in depth the platform and the service it offers, so that you can better understand how it works.


It is a service where you can make new friends and get to know different cities either through travel or through the passions and stories of residents and travelers who have already visited them.

It helps to create connections between people with similar tastes and interests who, if not using this platform, would never know each other. It promotes creative tourism and original leisure, all with the intention of bringing the most authentic attractions of destinations: its places and the stories that residents know.

Local Friends are people from all areas of life, such as journalists, photographers, chefs, designers, content creators and all kinds of people who manage to bring the local spirit of the city, sharing their way of life. This is made possible by knowing how to make extra income on Rent a Local Friend.

With it, you can earn money by becoming a Local Friend and share your life with new friends and also be part of a global community, through which you can exchange experiences, tips and even get accommodation while traveling the world!

2. How to become a Local Friend?

To learn how to make extra income on Rent a Local Friend, you need to understand how to register on the platform. Here, you can find a detailed step by step how to do this!


A very important factor to consider when registering on security-type platforms. Don't worry: the site is extremely safe, performing a complete evaluation of the list of rental friends and travelers.

It is necessary for the user to associate an identity and a profile photo on the website, also for security reasons, which take up to 30 days for validation. If they are unable to validate, the profile will be canceled. Remember that the private identity, only the website has access to it.

Everyone rated by the other users of the website they met. So you need to be a good friend or it won't last!

How to register

Registration is another essential step in knowing how to make extra income on Rent a Local Friend. To do so, visit the official website.

how to register how to make extra income on Rent a Local Friend

After accessing the site, see a button ?Become a local friend? right at the top of the page. By clicking on it, you will go to a page that explains everything about what it means to be a local friend and, below, see a button of"Ready to become a local friend?". Click on it to go to the registration page.

How to register 2 how to make extra income on Rent a Local Friend

How to register 3 how to make extra income on Rent a Local Friend

Now, it is necessary to enter some information, such as name, email and create a password to associate account. Then, select the city, write a short biography, choose all the languages ??you know, the interests, the amounts you want to charge and, finally, add the document.

Choose city

Finally, just add a photo of yourself and follow until the final step: the signature. It has a rather salty cost of $ 144.00 per year, which must be paid for using a credit card.

It is good to keep in mind that, in this step on how to make extra income on Rent a Local Friend, your biography and profile are your advertising, so it is a good idea to do your best to ensure a greater reach for travelers.

Worth it?

Even with the annual fee of 144.00 dollars, it is still possible to make money from this platform, and it is also an excellent companion if you want to work from home.

However, it is only worthwhile if you live in a very touristy city: smaller or more unknown cities may turn out to be unprofitable, and you may have to spend more on the annuity than you will profit.

It's a really cool thing about him that you can improve foreign languages ??and refine knowledge through interactions with new people, in addition to being able to decide the itinerary! However, keep in mind that 30% of the amount you charge stays with the site.

And, what did you think of our guide on how to make extra income on Rent a Local Friend?

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