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Hong Kong police seize smuggled cargo of iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads Pro and Macs worth R $ 4.3 million

Authorities Hong Kong seized HK $ 25 million (equivalent to R $ 13.3 million) in products smuggled on a cargo ship that was going to mainland China, according to the South China Morning Post. In action, three men were arrested in what the newspaper described as one of the biggest electronics seizures in recent history.

According to the local police and it is clear analyzing the article's images the stock of smuggled products includes iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads Pro and Macs which alone represent HK $ 8.2 million (~ R $ 4.3 million) of this account.

The operation took place after a two-month investigation carried out jointly by the police and customs. The ship was intercepted in Hong Kong's western waters, near the sea border with the mainland. The 50-meter boat was then escorted to the base of the maritime police in Tai Lam, where a team of customs officials took about an hour to discover a secret compartment (under the floor of a cabin) used to store 65 goods boxes.

According to Customs' maritime investigation division, this was the first time that a cargo ship was used to smuggle high-value electronic products to the continent in the past five years, smugglers typically use fast speedboats.

Still according to the authorities, this is a clear example of how smugglers try to evade taxes levied on the continent up to 17% on added value. Officials are investigating details about the final destination of the shipment.

In Hong Kong, importing / exporting unreported cargo can carry a maximum penalty of seven years in prison, in addition to a fine of HK $ 2 million (~ R $ 1 million).

via Cult of Mac