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Four-year-old boy uses Siri to call an ambulance for his mother

Stories in which Crab plays an important role in rescuing or helping a person at risk is nothing new, but this one deserves mention for the cleverness of a little boy of just four years old.

As reported by BBC, it all happened in Pembrokeshire County, in southwest Wales. Beau Austin he was at home only with his mother, Jess, who had taken nausea medication because of her pregnancy. The side effects of the remedy made Jess pass out, which could have more serious effects on her and the baby if nothing was done and that was what little Beau and Siri went into action for.

The little boy, who loves to "chat" with the digital assistant and had already seen a similar situation on TV, asked Siri to call local emergency services and spoke to operator Ashley Page. "My mother is sick," said Beau, who confirmed his age and who was alone at home with his mother.

Jess managed to regain consciousness long enough to indicate the precise address to the operator, and soon after, she passed out again. Page then stayed on the line with Beau, instructing him on how to try to keep his mother awake while an ambulance was on the way. Ultimately, Jess was medicated and everything was fine.

Little Beau, for his part, was highly praised by his mother and Page, earning a certificate of courage from the emergency service in Wales and he seems very happy about it:

Beau Austin, little boy who used Siri to call an ambulance for his mother

Apparently having a certain dexterity with technological equipment is not all bad, is it? Very well, Beau!

via AppleInsider