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Disassembly of the new Mac Pro reveals a surprise: its processor is removable

Even earlier today we remember that officially only memory and flash drives can be exchanged on the new Mac Pro, but a disassembly of the machine made by the people of Other World Computing (because, the traditional iFixit has not yet done hers) brought a surprise.

First, here's an overview of the insides of the Mac Pro:

Disassembly of the new Mac Pro

But the big news is here:

Disassembly of the new Mac ProDisassembly of the new Mac Pro

Contrary to what was imagined, the new Mac Pro's Intel Xeon E5 chip uses sockets to connect to the motherboard, which means that it is removable and can be upgraded in the future.

Nowadays the market price of such a processor is still prohibitive, coming close to the full value of the Mac Pro itself, but over time it tends to fall and this possibility may interest many buyers of the new professional Mac.

The entry chip used by Apple in the new Mac Pro the Intel Xeon E5 quad-core 3.7 GHz, with 10MB L3 cache. For $ 500 (or R $ 2,250) you jump to a 6-core 3.5GHz with 12MB, for $ 2,000 (R $ 9,000) for a 8-core 3GHz with 25MB and for US $ 3,500 (R $ 15,750) for a 12-core 2.7GHz with 30MB.

(via MacRumors)