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CES: Thunderbolt 4 will have 4x the speed of USB 3, Intel confirms [atualizado: ou não]

Of course, the Intel confirmed during a presentation at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 that Thunderbolt 4 is on its way and that the new standard will be supported by its future processors. This may have been the first time that the chip maker publicly comments on the next generation of the interface it developed in partnership with Apple.

The ?announcement? took place during the presentation of the company's next generation of chips, "Tiger Lake", during which Intel?s executive vice president, Gregory Bryant, stated that Thunderbolt 4 has four times the transfer rate of the USB 3 standard which is questionable, since USB 3 has a maximum (theoretical) speed of 5Gb / s (and 20Gb / s the speed of Thunderbolt 2).

The information was "confirmed" on the Intel website, which highlights the news presented at CES 2020, and also that this technology could be launched this year, concomitantly with the chips "Tiger Lake".

O Tiger Lake offering double-digit performance gains, soft improvements in AI performance, a huge leap in graphics performance and 4x USB 3 throughput with the new integrated Thunderbolt 4. Built by Intel's 10nm + process, the first chips are expected Tiger Lake provided this year.

As analyzed by the AppleInsiderIt is likely that Intel is referring to the most recent update to the USB 3.2 protocol (Gen 2 × 2), which is capable of reaching 20Gb / s in each of its two bands. In this case, if the Thunderbolt 4 is actually 4x faster than this standard, it can achieve a transfer rate of up to 80Gb / s.

This makes even more sense, considering that Thunderbolt 3 uses four PCI-E (3.0) channels to reach 40Gb / s. In theory, Thunderbolt 4 would use four PCI-E (4.0) channels to achieve this higher speed.

Full specifications for Thunderbolt 4 should be made available before the launch of the first processors "Tiger Lake". However, it remains to be seen when Apple will include support for the standard in its products, as they will likely depend on Intel's new chips for this.

Update 01/08/2020 s 08:30

After the Thunderbolt 4 ?announcement?, much was discussed about the details of the alleged new protocol, since Intel did not provide many details during its presentation at CES.

However, when pressed to provide further explanation, the chip maker rectified that Thunderbolt 4 is nothing but 3, but renamed that is, she is not, in fact, faster, as informed by Tom?s Hardware.

Tweetbot developer Paul Haddad had also sung the stone:

The most logical thing would be for the Thunderbolt 4 to be 4x the PCIe 4 channels. The most useful thing would be if it were 8x the PCIe 3 channels. The most typical of Intel that this is just a new brand of the Thunderbolt 3 / USB 4. Intel bullshit.

Nevertheless, Intel did not lie when it said that Thunderbolt 4 would be 4x faster than USB 3: considering that it is capable of reaching a speed of 5Gb / s, as mentioned above and that Thunderbolt 4 will have the same speeds as the most recent standard , that is, 40Gb / s, so this is really true.

Still, we will see how to implement this ?new-old? protocol going forward