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Apple's School Project app is now available for teachers [atualizado]

The application School Project (Schoolwork), presented by Apple at the educational event held last March, one hand on the wheel for teachers.

The app allows you to easily distribute assignments, view student progress on educational apps and collaborate from anywhere / in real time, not to mention that assignments appear on the iPad automatically, organized by class, due date and priority, making students' lives easier. .

Along with the Classroom app (for iOS and soon for macOS), it provides teachers with powerful tools to enhance the learning experience and help both educators and students better use technology for teaching.

Now, three months after the app was presented, Ma informed that it is available to teachers, apparently its distribution is not made by the App Store, since the app did not appear there.

Update 06/27/2018 s 10:45

It took a while, but the app finally showed up on the App Store!

School project app icon