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Apple warns users against the “dangers” of jailbreak

O jailbreak It is a practice that has lost much of its popularity over the past few years, and so could you: with iOS striding forward and (finally!) giving users at least most of the things they ask for, the act of unlocking the system for installation of unauthorized software has lost its utility for the vast majority of users.

Still, there is a share of iTrecos that doesn?t dispense with the process every time you buy a new device either for a specific application that you can?t live without, be it for habit or something worthwhile. For this reason, Apple has published on its website a support page alerting users to the ?dangers? of jailbreak.

The page starts with a very clear warning that iOS ?is designed to be safe and reliable the moment you turn on your device?, adding that several security features help the user to protect themselves against malware and keep your personal and / or corporate data out of the wrong hands. Unauthorized modifications to the system, however, can cause ?various problems? to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in question.

Apple highlights six points as the main cities of the jailbreak: security vulnerabilities, instability, decreased battery capacity, problems with voice and data, problems with company services (and those using the Apple Push Notification Service) and the inability to update your device for future versions.

Another argument used by Ma to (try) to convince its customers not to do jailbreak in its products the fact that the practice is an infringement of the iOS Use License and, therefore, may render the device unfit to receive technical assistance at an authorized center although, in practice (and at least in the United States), the act of jailbreak is considered legal.

The fact that the article is a little late: people who still do jailbreak they are certainly more than aware of all the points cited by Apple, and they continue in practice precisely because they consider that their benefits outweigh their possible losses. The battle for the total extinction of the process, in my view, is already lost. Do you agree?

via iClarified