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Apple now has a senior VP of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Apple today announced that John Giannandrea (a formerGoogler who moved to Cupertino in April 2018) was promoted and now occupies the chair of senior vice president of machine learning and artificial intelligence strategies.

John Giannandrea alongside other senior Apple VPsJohn Giannandrea alongside other senior Apple VPs

Even before this promotion, Giannandrea was already responding directly to Tim Cook and was head of machine learning and artificial intelligence, overseeing the deployment of these technologies in all Apple products and services. He is also responsible for the development of Core ML and Siri.

His team's focus on advancing and integrating machine learning into products, according to the press release, is providing more personal, smarter and more natural interactions for customers, while protecting users' privacy.

Here is the statement by the Apple CEO about the executive:

John dived into Apple and we are happy to have him as part of our executive team. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are important for Apple's future, as they are fundamentally changing the way people interact with technology and helping our customers to live better lives. We are fortunate to have John, a leader in the AI ??industry, who drives our efforts in this critical area.

Also according to Apple, the Giannandrea team is also helping to improve the developer experience with tools, including Core ML and Create ML, facilitating and speeding up the integration of machine learning into applications.

It is clear, therefore, the relevance of the area currently at Apple and the importance of the executive newcomer to Cook's plans.