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Apple Heart Study is already the largest arrhythmia study in history

It doesn't seem like it, but it's been over a year since the Apple Watch Series 3 was launched and, among the many new features of the model, Ma has announced an initiative aimed at further deepening its commitment to the health industry: o Apple Heart Study, a program carried out in partnership with Stanford University that would use the data captured by the device in volunteers to gather information on cardiac arrhythmia.

The idea is to provide a broader study base for the development of treatments and cures for various heart diseases.

Apple Heart Study app for iPhone and Apple Watch

The program accepted new volunteers for about a year and had its enrollment closed in the last August, remaining active until January 2019 for those who are already participating in the collections. Now comes recognition: according to the scientific magazine American Heart Journal, the Apple Heart Study, by far, the largest study on cardiac arrhythmias ever carried out in medical history.

Were 419,093 participants providing data about their hearts, which has exceeded and much! the second largest study in the industry, a Swedish initiative that recruited some 25,000 people. According to the magazine, Stanford researchers intend to publish the final results of the research in early 2019, certainly a tight deadline to process and interpret the data of so many people, but all in the name of science, anyway?

The researchers' findings may revolve mainly around detecting episodes of atrial fibrillation the condition that may be the cause of more serious problems, such as a stroke, and that Apple says it can detect with the new electrocardiogram feature of the Apple Watch Series 4. Who knows, with the results of the studies, Ma may not improve the tool and make the cardiac sensors of the watch even more accurate? It is cheering for that to happen and soon.

via AppleInsider