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Android phone application causes controversy among gays

Second published MixBrasil, a newly launched application for mobile phones with support for the Android mobile operating system has made several gay groups nervous with Google.

Available since the beginning of March on the Android Market, the app called ?Straight? works in a way to mock people using it. ?Do you want to test your friends and find out if they are really gay? Just ask them to put their finger and the application to show the truth ?informs the fair description by the developer.

"Even though it was a joke, several gay groups did not like the idea. One of the messages appears: ?You are THE MAN!?. The other with a rainbow appears: ?Sorry, sweety, you are?. For gay groups, the problem lies in the way in which homosexuality is placed, which in addition to being offensive, perpetuates the view that being gay is something negative?Says MixBrasil.