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An update on Banco Itaú debit card support

In late November, we reported that the Banco Ita began to release debit cards at the Apple Pay, something that was already offered with certain limitations, true by Bradesco and Banco do Brasil.

Since then, some readers and bank customers have told us that they were having trouble registering cards with Apple's payment service (whether they are pure debit or multiple cards). We then contacted Ita to understand this scenario once and for all and to clarify the matter.

Debit cards from Ita on Apple PayIta debit card registered with Apple Pay

According to the financial institution, support for debit cards is still was not officially released. Ita informed the that everything is still part of ?a pilot project involving 5,000 customers?. At the moment, while the tests are being carried out, there is no specific launching date for the general public.

In fact, when we broke the news on November 27, numerous customers were able to register debit cards with Apple Pay; after a few days, however, apparently nobody else managed to register.

The curious thing is that, the day before, the bank itself sent us the message above on Twitter confirming the launch for "soon". On 11/27, the Tecnoblog he also gave the following information:

Until then, Ita only allowed credit cards and multiple cards with the credit function enabled to be added to Apple's digital wallet. Now, the bank informs that all Itaucard and Credicard pure credit cards, Ita debit cards and Ita multiple cards are eligible for registration with Apple Pay, under the Mastercard and Visa banners.

This leads us to believe that there was even a launch but that, due to some internal problem (either from Apple or Ita), the hand brake was applied and the launch was reverted to this ?pilot program? on the Ita page that talks about cards eligible for Apple Pay, for example, there is still no mention of debit cards.

We now have to hope that everything will be duly settled and that the debit card register be released again by the bank, so that no one is left out. ? We will stay connected and inform everyone here on the website, when this occurs.