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★ Did your iPhone die? It is possible to repair it and bring it back to life without paying too much for it!

I don't need to tell you how expensive a new iPhone costs. If in the United States it is expensive, what about the price here in Brazil? With that in mind, it makes perfect sense for you to extend the life of your current iPhone as much as possible, postponing as much as possible this moment of having to shell out thousands of dollars for a new device.

The problem: iPhones like any other quality device are susceptible to defects. And, depending on the defect, there is no use getting help from an Apple store or an Apple Authorized Service Center, as they do not. Who is an example? Logic board repair.

If you have a problem with the iPhone card and go to a Ma store, they will simply inform you that there is nothing they can do to repair your device; The solution, then, is to hand over the iPhone and pay a hefty sum (less than if you were going to buy a new iPhone, of course, but still a hefty sum) to receive a model just like yours, only new.

Here are the prices Apple charges for replacing your defective iPhone with a new one:

  • iPhone XS Max: R $ 3,730
  • iPhone XS: R $ 3,450
  • iPhone XR: R $ 2,350
  • iPhone X: R $ 3,450
  • iPhone 8 Plus: R $ 2,350
  • iPhones 8 and 7 Plus: R $ 2,030
  • iPhone 7: R $ 1,730
  • iPhones 6s Plus and 6 Plus: R $ 1,900
  • iPhones 6s and 6: R $ 1,730
  • iPhones SE, 5s, 5c and 5: R $ 1,530

As much as you receive a brand new device, we are talking about a very high cost! And what comes in iCaiu, technical assistance specialized in Apple products.

As we already talked about here, iCaiu repairs the screen, charging port, battery, microphone, camera, Home button, Wi-Fi antenna, housing and card! You may not even know the problem with your iPhone on the board, but if it has bad audio (iPhone 7), with the touch screen responding in a totally wrong way (the famous ?touch disease? of iPhones 6 and 6 Plus), with the device locked on the screen of the Ma or even not turning on, this can be a problem on the board.

ICaiu has already performed more than 500 plate repairs, giving new life to more than half of these devices. In some cases, there is really nothing to do and the device simply dies. But the good part is that, at iCaiu, you only pay for the service if they really manage to fix the device no wonder that it has more than 1,400 5-star ratings on Facebook! ?

So, before going to an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Center and paying good money to change your device, stop by one of iCaiu's stores and see if, by spending much less, you can give your new life dear iPhone. If you have no way, you go to "plan B".

Today iCaiu has eight stores, four in the city of Rio de Janeiro (Centro, Ipanema, Norte Shopping and Barra da Tijuca), one in Niteri and three in So Paulo (Tatuap, Avenida Paulista and Itaim Bibi), but it receives iPhones for plate repair all over Brazil. Visit the website, schedule your plate repair from R $ 250 and save! ?

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