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↪ Video: engineer connects a Macintosh Plus – launched in 1986 – to the internet

Mac Plus connected to internet

Bringing an old computer to life like restoring a classic car: there is an emotion in bringing the old to the modern world. That's what happened to my first ?real? computer, my Mac Plus, when I decided to bring it three decades ahead and present it to the modern web.

On his website, the engineer Jeff Keacher account that the technical specifications of your Macintosh Plus can be compared to that of a Kindle, and that your current PC is about 200,000 times faster (not including the GPU). The Mac Plus had been stored in the basement of his mother's house since the 1990s and the task of connecting it to the internet was not easy after all, the computer had no Ethernet port and Wi-Fi was unimaginable at the time. Keacher, however, achieved the feat, which you can check out below. (Keacher)

(via Daring Fireball)