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What do they stick to? Know the practice of spamming videos of celebrities on Twitter | Social networks

The spam of fancams on Twitter was the subject of debates this Tuesday (10) after youtuber Felipe Neto tweeted criticisms of practice. The sharing of short videos of celebrities on the common microblog, mainly among the k-popper community (k-pop fans, Korean popular music), which seeks visibility for their idols through the spread of fancams. However, it is common to post compulsive clips of the type even on threads that have no connection with the musical genre, as in serious and mourning posts.

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The publication of fancams has been a practice for years, but the term has gained popularity in recent days and registered an increase in interest the day after Felipe Neto's complaints, according to the web monitoring service Google Trends. Find out below what the meaning of fancan is and understand the criticisms of excessive video sharing of celebrities.

Felipe Neto rekindled the debate on the use of fancams Photo: Gabrielle Ferreira / TechTudoFelipe Neto rekindled the debate on the use of fancams Photo: Gabrielle Ferreira / TechTudo

Felipe Neto rekindled the debate on the use of fancams Photo: Gabrielle Ferreira / TechTudo

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The definition of fancam comes from the junction between fan (f, in English) and cam (short for camera). As the name implies, the practice consists of filming idols by the fans. The artist's performance clips are edited to shorten the video and be propagated over the Internet to attract the interest of more people.

Fan sharing takes place mainly on Twitter, as it is one of the social networks with the largest number of fan communities. Fancam spam consists of publishing these videos in response to tutes, in order to increase views and make your idols better known. It is worth mentioning that, despite being popularized by k-poppers, American pop fans also promote the practice of fancams by sharing short clips of artists such as Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

Criticisms of fancams on the Brazilian Internet started from a thread by youtuber Felipe Neto. Published this Tuesday (10), the messages criticized the publication without context of fancams in posts, mainly in which they deal with some serious subject.

The debate about the practice does not only occur in Brazil: on Monday (9), the American youtuber Keem announced that he reported more than 4 thousand accounts of spam as Twitter. He then promoted the hashtag #BanKpopAccounts (banning k-pop accounts, in Portuguese) on the microblog. The hashtag even appeared in Momentos do Brasil on the same day as the youtuber's outburst, but the tag posts were mostly k-poppers mocking Keem's complaint.

Meanwhile, users from Brazil tweeted messages in support of Felipe Neto's criticisms.

In addition to spam, the use of fancams is also problematized by the involuntary privacy of the deceit, and the risk of copyright disputes. However, the practice generally works positively as a way to popularize and make the most famous idols, a situation that occurred with the singer Hani, from the k-pop group EXID.

Korean pop group EXID was little known in 2014, when they released the single "Up and Down". The song, which did not even reach the top 100 in South Korea in its launch week, became a success after the viralization of a Hani fancan performing the song. The clip, which gained more than 20 million views on YouTube, was primarily responsible for leveraging the new song, which then reached the first position among the most played in the Asian country.

How to report spam on Twitter

If you suspect that there are many responses with fancams in your tutes, you can report the practice on Twitter as spam. The function is useful for keeping social network moderators aware of suspicious activity, and can result in deleting posts and banning the account in the event of a repeat offense. Reporting can be done simply via the web or mobile version of the application.

Reporting tute by cell phone Photo: Reproduo / Helito BeggioraReporting tute by cell phone Photo: Reproduo / Helito Beggiora

Reporting tute by cell phone Photo: Reproduo / Helito Beggiora

To report a post, just click on the post and select the "Report Tweet" option. Among the reporting options displayed, choose "suspect or are sending spam" if you want to report it as spam. Then, to end the report, choose the option "Use the reply function to send spam".

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