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“Tweak” BioUnlock will allow Macs to be unlocked by the Touch ID of iPhones 5s

Ah, creativity! We've seen here on MacMagazine very interesting ways to unlock the Mac, like the Knock app: with it, just tap the iPhone screen twice to enter the computer without having to enter a password.

Because developer Eric Castor is working on something that iPhone 5s owners will love: the possibility of unlocking the Mac via Touch ID! See just the feat being performed on the video below:

In order not to confuse the unlocking of the iPhone itself with that of the Mac, Castor adjusted so that each one of them works with a specific fingerprint (the thumb, for example, he adjusted to unlock the smartphone, while the one of the indicator was used to gain access to the Mac). The exploit requires the installation of an app on the computer (which runs in the background) and tweak BioUnlock on the iPhone 5s. After that, just pair everything and make the necessary settings.

All done via Wi-Fi, but the developer also plans to add Bluetooth support. Windows PCs are still part of Castor's plans, but not at first. BioUnlock is expected to cost $ 1 or $ 2 and be made available in late January on Cydia.

(via iClarified)