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Rumors for 2014: two new iPhones with bigger screens and a new Apple TV with a store and games

Two rumors in one stroke and what rumors!

iPhones with larger screens

According to the Wall Street Journal (closed matter for subscribers), Apple launched two new iPhones in 2014. Even nothing new, since in 2013 we saw the arrival of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. The novelty would be due to the screens of the devices: while the first of them would have a display between 4.5 and 5 inches, the second would have a screen over 5 inches!

Russian dolls

To top it off, goodbye iPhone with plastic housing! That's right, according to them, Apple abandon the plastic used in the iPhone 5c and launch two models with metal bodies, as found in the 5s.

Taking theirs off the line, journalists Lorraine Luk, Eva Dou and Daisuke Wakabayashi stated that this is Ma's plans but that, as always, everything can change until the launch of the devices in the second half.

The rumors involving iPhones with larger screens are not just today. Himself WSJ and many other vehicles said in 2013 that Apple was testing different screen sizes for its smartphone. However, the first time they openly bet on such a launch.

In the past, they said the iPhone 5 would come with a bigger screen than the 3.5-inch screen used by the company so far and it worked. It was not the first time that they got it right, so even because of this history we cannot rule out the possibilities even though launching two devices, each with a different screen size than those currently sold by the company, is something totally atypical.

New Apple TV with stores and games

According to iLounge, Apple releases a software update for Apple TVs to offer games for the set-top box. Also according to them, developers would be testing Bluetooth controls and games can be downloaded directly to Apple TV without the need for storage. iGadgets (to play the role of intermediate device).

Playing on an Apple TV from the iPad

It turns out that the current Apple TV has only 8GB of space (more to store movies / TV series while downloading /streaming done), so what would that storage look like? According to Phil Dzikiy, iCloud (Apple's cloud storage and sync service) could play a role.

The update would be expected in March or earlier, depending on internal development.

But the possible novelties do not stop by: according to the 9to5Mac, Apple is currently developing a set-top box successor to the current Apple TV, which could be launched in the first half of 2014. This device would bring a totally new operating system (still based on iOS), new forms of control (by movement) and possibly an App / Game Store.

It remains to be seen how the company's conversations with content holders / distributors are going and whether this new Apple TV would bring new ways to control those contents.

(iPhones with larger screens, via 9to5Mac)