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Recent updates on the App Store: GarageBand, Telegram Desktop, WinZip, Google+, Darkroom and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that have recently been updated on the App Store.

Today we have:

MacOS apps

GarageBand app icon

Resolves an issue where third-party audio units and the PlatinumVerb plug-in could not be accessed.

Telegram Desktop app icon

Mark conversations on the list as read or unread; improved functionality to avoid censorship.

IOS Apps

WinZip compression / decompress app icon

Improve document viewing in landscape mode.

WinZip Pro app icon: zip, unzip & rar

Improve document viewing in landscape mode.

Google+ app icon for G Suite

Improved search (see search results for posts directly in the stream of research); disable future notifications about communities and collections on the notification page; various bug fixes and stability improvements.

Darkroom - Photo Editor app icon

New frame tool content-aware, which analyzes your image's color palette and generates frames that match your photo; new feature DuoTone Filters (exclusive to the back Premium) brings a good alternative to black and white photos; it also adds a privacy tool that allows you to remove location information from a photo with a touch, in addition to improvements and bug fixes.

Polymail app icon

Fixes behavior that had problems when pasting or adding images attached to a draft; fixes various bugs.

Philips Hue app icon

New video section with tutorials in the ?Explore? tab, in addition to bug fixes and stability improvements.

Vimeo app icon

Now, when you look at your video settings, find extra options to program your video with a private or completely hidden link (these settings correspond to the settings of, so you have more control of your videos whenever and whenever you want. need); I fixed an issue that made things strange on your Camera Roll and in the iPad search window.