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Promotions: iPhone XR for R $ 3,800; iPhone 7 for R $ 2,160; iPhone 6s for R $ 1,620!

How about buying a brand new iPhone XR 64GB per R $ 3,800.80 view, on the card? If we compare it to the price charged by Apple, we are talking about a 19% discount!

iPhone XR white

If you were interested, here's the tip: visit the Submarine, choose the color of your preference, put the device in the cart and let our extensive MM Offers do the rest. By allowing, she will search and find a coupon that will give her a huge discount, reaching the final product value of R $ 3,800.80. ?

It is worth noting that this promotion is not limited to the iPhone XR, no. Using our extension, you can buy one 32GB iPhone 7 per R $ 2,159.10 (view, on card) or a iPhone 6 per R $ 1,619.19 (also seen on the card).

Enjoy! ?

via Canaltech