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Nubank hides a joke in updating the app and shares opinions | Productivity

Nubank announced the news of the latest update of the application for iPhone (iOS), this Monday (9), in a somewhat unusual way. Using the so-called "miguxs", a very popular language among teenagers at the time of Orkut, the digital bank explained that it had corrected some bugs and improved navigation through small adjustments. The joke, hidden in the app's description in the Apple store, went viral on social media, but divided opinions: on the one hand, users who found grace in the joke; on the other, those who criticized the "lack of notion" of fintech.

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Switching between upper and lower case letters, duplicating characters and simulating children's speech, Nubank announced the changes made in version 7.1.33 of the app. "WHAT DOES THE EXPERT ACTUUUAliZAAU APPi qUI mAl connoHEu e J cOnsIDerO PaKaaAs?! / ?! 11", wrote the bank in the release note published on the App Store, referring to the phrase that opened many testimonials on Orkut. In note to TechTudo, Nubank stated that it supports linguistic diversity to talk to people from different tribes, and that it seeks to break "with the formal standard of communicating updates" (see complete positioning at the end of the story).

Nubank announces unusual release note Photo: Felipe Vinha / TechTudoNubank announces unusual release note Photo: Felipe Vinha / TechTudo

Nubank announces unusual release note Photo: Felipe Vinha / TechTudo

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The joke generated controversy among Twitter users. While some praised the bank's good humor, others believe that Nubank "crossed the line". User @iltoisaway wrote an email in response to the statement and criticized the choice of childish language.

"I am personally offended to read this, as it seems that they are reducing my intelligence," he said. "Of course, you want to be inclusive and young, but to be young at FaLaar IgUaUu a ReTarDaD like that, but to respect and use an informal language", said Ilton, adding that the area of release notes no joke space and should be clear and informative.

He also condemned the bank's approach because of the damage the text brings to people who depend on accessibility features. As written, the description can cause bugs in screen readers used by blind people, for example. "How does a blind man read this? Is he a person with dyslexia or autism? Are these people not suitable for using the 'purple' card?" Asked Ilton, who is UX Designer.

Official Nubank positioning

"One of Nubank's values ??is to encourage diversity. Thus, we try to vary our language always in a relaxed and light tone in the different points of contact with our customers to talk with different tribes. In this sense, we see the app's update messages as another opportunity to disseminate this value, in addition to promoting another one: challenging the status quo, breaking with the formal standard of communicating updates."

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Although the 7.1.33 update has particularly drawn users' attention, jokes and puns on release notes (section with notices of improvements and app bugs) are recurrent, according to the updates on the App Store. "It was sk8, pogobol, futporrada and so on," says the November update of the app.

Release notes from previous Nubank updates Photo: Reproduo / TechTudoRelease notes from previous Nubank updates Photo: Reproduo / TechTudo

Release notes from previous Nubank updates Photo: Reproduo / TechTudo

This is the first time that Nubank incorporates jokes and pranks into its communication strategy. In this month, for example, fintech launched the "The Ted Lover" campaign to mock the charge for transfers made by traditional banks. From December 3 to 11, Nubank sold Ted teddy bears for R $ 19.05, one of the highest fees charged by Available Electronic Transfers (TEDs) among major banks.

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