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New option in WhatsApp allows only administrators to send messages to groups

Good updates from WhatsApp Messenger continue. Although competitors offered more features and options, it is undeniable that the communicator is evolving more quickly now, under the command of Facebook (which acquired the service in early 2014). And the verse 2.18.70 it brought two interesting features.

WhatsApp group settings

Now group administrators can choose to allow whether only the admins themselves can send messages to a group or if everyone can do so. To change this setting, open ?Group Data? and tap ?Group Settings?. It is worth noting that participants who are not administrators will be able to read messages normally and reply privately, by tapping on ?Message to Admin?.

The other novelty has to do with changing your phone number. Now, you can easily send a notification to people going on Account Settings Change Number. There, you can select the contacts or conversations you want to notify about the change in your number.

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