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Netflix can test function that simulates live programming on smart TVs | Audio and Video

Netflix started testing the new Watch Now function in the TV app, which mimics the behavior of conventional TV channels. The information was revealed by the news website Variety. The test feature allows you to start playing a content suggested by the platform's algorithms with one click, without having to navigate through the various titles of the catalog.

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According to a Variety report, testing of the new feature is expected to take place over two months and includes only a small portion of users of the service on smart TVs and connected devices, such as Amazon's Fire TV. It is not yet known whether the feature will be adopted definitively or when the new function will be tested by all subscribers to streaming videos.

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Netflix tests function that mimics ordinary TV Photo: Divulgao / NetflixNetflix tests function that mimics ordinary TV Photo: Divulgao / Netflix

Netflix tests function that mimics ordinary TV Photo: Divulgao / Netflix

Also according to the publication, the novelty seeks to be a way to facilitate the user's choice in moments of rest. The "Watch Now" button, when activated, can display content of the user's taste with just a touch of the remote control button. Without the function, the user would need to actively browse the series and movies available on Netflix to be able to play one of them, for example.

During testing, the new button appears right on the Netflix profile selection screen. The user has two options: open the catalog to explore the titles normally or start watching on the spot. As with regular TV, the new function also features a button that mimics the act of changing channels. In the middle of playback, just select Watch something else, to play another video in the collection.

The user has no way of knowing what is going to play next if he chooses automated switching. However, the service always seeks to choose a film or series with a good chance of pleasing, according to the profile of the profile views. When the new video starts, it is possible to see in the footer a brief explanation of the reason for the choice, for example We think you will like this teen romance.

TechTudo contacted Netflix's press office in Brazil. About the case, the company sent the following positioning:

"We are always looking for the best ways to connect our subscribers to the shows and movies they?re going to love. We run these tests in different countries and for different periods of time – and only make them available more widely if people find them useful."

Netflix Press Office

It is worth mentioning that Netflix did not inform when the tests will be available to all users and it is not even planned to include the resource definitively in its catalog of videos and series.

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