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Japanese celebrate the party at Apple Retail Stores buying the traditional “lucky bags” at the Fukubukuro event

As expected, today in Japan the traditional event Fukubukuro and Apple once again participated by selling ?Lucky bags? this year for 36,000 yen each, the equivalent of just over R $ 800.

The content of the bags is always unknown, but the only certainty that the value of the products contained therein well exceeds this R $ 800.

Lucky Bags at Apple

As you can see from the photos posted on the website MACBlog (Google Translate), not unlike years ago, some consumers left Apple Retail Stores happy with life with iPods, iPads (Air or mini) and even MacBooks Air, as well as Magic Mouses and several products from other manufacturers.

Lucky Bags at AppleLucky Bags at Apple

Just to get an idea, one of the buyers of the ?lucky bag? added the real prices of all the products he received and reached an incredible 176,840 yen, that is, they came out with a discount of almost 80%!

Lucky Bags at Apple

Check out a video showing the movement in the Apple Store – Nagoya Sakae:

Nice promotion.

(via AppleInsider)