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iPhone XR is doing a good job of attracting Android users

Much is said about the alleged failure (relatively speaking, at least) of the new iPhones, but at least one of them XR is doing a relatively good job compared to its predecessors: the attraction of smartphone users Android.

At least what you reported, via CNBC, the latest research from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), which took a look at iPhones sales over the past November and came to the conclusion that, in the month, 16% of new iPhone buyers came from the other side.

Since November is the first full month of availability for the iPhone XR, we can compare it to the months of release of other iPhones in previous years: in November 2017, the arrival of the iPhone X made 11% of smartphone sales at But they came from Android users. In September of the same year, the launch of iPhones 8 and 8 Plus brought, among the sales of iPhones, 12% of fans of the robot.

As CIRP partner and co-founder Mike Levin opined, the iPhone XR is a good weapon from Apple to attract users from the Android world.

It seems that the iPhone XR served to attract current Android users. Of course, Apple is not spreading its launch strategy; based on price and features, however, we can conclude that the company has positioned the iPhone XR to appeal to potential operating system switches coming from Android.

IPhones sales in November 2018, CIRP

Nevertheless, according to CIRP estimates, the iPhone XR has a smaller share among the universe of iPhones sold compared to previous releases. In its first 30 days of sale, XR constituted 32% of Ma's smartphone sales, which is down from the 35% achieved by the XS / XS Max iPhones in the same initial sales period. The iPhones 8 and 8 Plus, last year, conquered 39% of the universe of iPhones in the first 30 days of sale.

Either way, the XR remains the best-selling iPhone since its launch and possibly the model on which Apple is depositing all its chips to try to resume sales from 2019. Is it possible?

via 9to5Mac