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IOS 12 code gives more clues that we will see an iPad with Face ID

In the news that Apple has everything to launch an iPad with Face ID instead of the traditional Touch ID, thus leaving your tablet line equivalent to smartphones. And today, developer Steve Troughton-Smith (known for sifting through the codes of Apple's operating systems and discovering valuable information) has discovered yet another piece of code that points to this path.

New in iOS 12: AvatarKit on iPad. It still requires a TrueDepth camera to do face tracking, that is, an iPad with Face ID.

O framework AvatarKit is responsible for the functioning of Animojis and Memojis on iPhone X. And now, in the latest beta version of iOS 12, it has been changed to support the larger screen of iPads.

of course nothing still works, after all i need a TrueDepth camera for face tracking to be done. And as we still don't have an iPad with that capacity, everything is still just an implementation under construction. But it is: one more proof that, in 2018, Apple has everything to launch new iPad Pro with an end-to-end screen, without Home button and with Face ID technology.

It remains to be seen whether these new iPads will be launched before, alongside or after the new iPhones.


via AppleInsider