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iFixit celebrates 30 years of Mac your way: taking apart a 128k Macintosh

As you already know, the Mac is now celebrating 30 years of its original release. THE iFixit he didn't want to be left out and did something unusual: he published a disassembly (teardown) of the Macintosh 128k, from 1984.

128k Macintosh disassembled by iFixit

The machine came with a Motorola 68000 8MHz processor, 128KB DRAM, 9-inch black-and-white CRT screen with 512 × 342 pixels resolution, 3.5 ? floppy drive with 400KB capacity, in addition to a mouse and keyboard .

See what a cool video the guys produced:

Without considering correction for inflation or inflation, the Macintosh 128k at the time cost US $ 2,495 at around US $ 5,600 today, or R $ 13,500. Would you buy?