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Humor Humor Moment: Dell uses OS X interface to promote touchscreen laptop

03-dell "width =" 1 "height =" 1 "style =" display: none; "class =" alignnone size-large wp-image-445717 "srcset =" wp-content / uploads / 2014/02/03-dell-600x405.jpg 600w, 128w, 300w, /02/03-dell-144x144.jpg 144w, 640w "sizes =" (max-width: 1px ) 100vw, 1px "/> Published on YouTube about a month ago (and taken down today, hehe, after being discovered), a commercial from <strong>Dell</strong> promoting a touchscreen laptop turned out to be a big #FAIL probably the fault of the agency responsible for the company's account. You don't have to be a big observer to notice that the ?interface? mixes images from Windows 8 with apps running on OS X, which might even be possible in a <em>Hackintosh</em>  but that is obviously not the case here. (<strong>The Verge</strong>)</p>
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