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Create more accessible interfaces and web content with this handy macOS app

Whether on web pages or in the application interface, it is important to understand that these products should be based on accessibility guidelines (WCAGenglish Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) aimed at improving the user experience mainly for people with varying degrees of visual impairment.

To help these design professionals create more accessible content and interfaces, a couple of friends developed the app Contrast, a relatively simple software that works very well to detect colorings and the difference in contrast.

Contrast - Color Accessibility app icon

The app can be run from the menu bar and works together with your favorite authoring / editing software. In addition, you can use it as a floating window anywhere. At the top, the tool remains active so you can quickly access WCAG contrast data.

The app is approved by Ricky Mondello, an Apple engineer. He, who works with Safari, said the software contributed to the defense of more accessible interfaces.

I love this app. He helped me a lot to defend more accessible user interfaces in the last year.

The Contrast app is available on the Mac App Store for R $ 22.90.