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Consumers trust Microsoft more than Apple to store their data

Do you trust any tech giant when it comes to protection and responsible use of your personal data? With the recent news involving Facebook, Google and the limited company, it is difficult not to turn a nose at the technology sector as a whole and not think about going back to living as an exclusively analogue being.

Taking this thought into account, the research firm Toluna interviewed 1,000 people online in early December with the following question: which of the following companies are you trust less when it comes to responsibility for your personal data? These were the results, brought by the Recode:

Technology companies that users least trust

As expected, the Facebook was the champion of ?suspicion? of the research with a brutal (dis) advantage: 40% of the interviewees cited Mark Zuckerberg's company as the one they least trusted, certainly influenced by scandals like Cambridge Analytica and more recent ones. In a long second place, with 8%, they tied Amazon and Twitter. O Google ranked fifth, with 6%, behind the aforementioned companies and the Uber.

More interesting to note the bottom of the list: the Apple, despite its heretical efforts to establish itself as the guardian of the user's privacy, it was not the least mentioned company 4% of the interviewees stated that Ma was the company that they least trusted in the matter of personal data. The Cupertino giant lost to its former archrival, the Microsoft (2%), and for the Netflix and the Tesla (1% each).

And a, agree?

via 9to5Mac