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CES 2014: French company presents a complete and intelligent sleep monitoring system

Withings is well known in the market for its scale that, accompanied by an app, makes the complete management of your weight, fat percentage, heart rate and ambient air quality. But in addition to Smart Body Analyzer, the French company also offers a baby scale and monitor (baby monitor), a pressure gauge and an activity monitor.

Now, during the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014 in Las Vegas, another product of this family was presented: the Aura.

As we can see in the video above, the product basically completely monitors the couple's sleep.

Withings Aura

Simply place the sensor under the mattress for your body movements, breathing cycles and heart rate to be monitored. In addition, Aura also presents data on noise pollution, ambient temperature and light level, offering scientifically validated sound and light programs to help the couple have the best sleep possible. All information can be viewed through the Health Mate app.

Aura costs US $ 300 and hits the market in our fall (spring of the northern hemisphere).

(via Electronist)