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Banco do Brasil should only enter Apple Pay at the end of the month [atualizado]

Everything indicated that the credit cards of the Bradesco It's from Bank of Brazil would be able to be used in the Apple Pay since today.

The reasons for this were strong, since today, July 4th, the 90-day period of exclusivity of Ita in the service ends. In addition, as we reported yesterday on our Instagram, some users were already managing to add Ourocard credit cards from BB (Visa banner) to Apple Pay without any problems, with ?only? the verification step missing.

From yesterday to today, however, MacMagazine received information that at least in relation to BB everything is still in the testing phase. That's right, no Apple Pay for customers of Banco do Brasil and its credit cards, at least for now. The expectation, according to our sources, that they will launch the service at the end of the month. There is no set date for this, but 7/31 (a Tuesday) emerges as a good date.

It is worth mentioning that we are talking exclusively about Banco do Brasil. So far, we have not received any information about Bradesco's entry into Apple Pay, which could happen before, with BB (as expected) or even afterwards.

In order for Banco do Brasil's credit cards to be verified (a step that is still missing for some users who, as I mentioned above, successfully registered the card with the service), the bank's application must necessarily be updated despite having received a small update yesterday, such an update has no connection with Apple Pay.

Banco do Brasil app icon

Undoubtedly the bad news for those who were anxious, waiting for the launch. On the other hand, we have good news. Although only credit cards Visa have been successfully added by users so far, the flags American Express (AMEX) and Link they are also being tested by the bank. The test, however, does not guarantee that such flags will be supported right at the beginning of the partnership even though everything indicates that this is the way to go. And, if BB intends to support these three brands, it seems that they should also be supported by Bradesco. MasterCardFrom what we heard, it is not being tested but since the flag is already supported by Ita, it doesn?t make much sense for it to be left out.

As always, we can only wait a little longer to see what happens.

Update 07/04/2018 s 16:15

Corroborating the information we gave above, several users who added Banco do Brasil credit cards to Apple Pay (still pending verification) are reporting that such cards are being removed from the service: