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Apple's 5 big hits in 2018

Definitely, 2018 it was not one of Apple's best years. Financially speaking, the company is experiencing a sharp drop in its shares (and, consequently, in its market value); and this, directly or indirectly, is undoubtedly related to some choices that happened in 2018.

Although it has not been a wonderful year, we can say that we have seen successes, expected improvements but that they are always very welcome and even unexpected things being presented by Tim Cook and company. Let's take a look at what happened best in the Apple world in 2018?

2nd Generation Apple Pencil

undeniable that the Apple Pencil first generation accomplished very well its objective of being a precise and indispensable tool for creators so much that, basically, nothing in this sense has changed in the second generation pencil.

1st Generation Apple Pencil

Still, the company made a serious mistake in requiring users to remove the top cover of the Apple Pencil and stick it on the Lightning connector on the iPad Pro so that the accessory could be properly synchronized and recharged. It was a choice for the unfortunate, let's face it.

iPad Pro lying with Apple Pencil magnetically attached to it

In the second generation, in addition to being able to interact with the pencil with light touches on its surface, you just need to place it in the upper central part of the iPad Pro 11 ? or 12.9 ? (third generation) for the accessory to connect to the tablet and fill yourself with energy again; In addition, you get a very simple and easy way to transport Pencil and iPad. Point to Apple!

ECG on Apple Watch

The Apple watch was born surrounded by suspicion and uncertainty. Gradually, throughout this journey, he was discovering himself and following a path of success in the segment fitness and health.

While a lot of people were waiting for an Apple Watch with something like glucose monitoring (something that sooner or later will arrive), Ma went there and implemented, for the first time in an accessory that is on her wrist, a ECG It is complete that leaves nothing to be desired, capable of saving lives even on its first day of use.

I have no doubt how brilliant the future of Watch will be and the ECG represents Apple's commitment to a very important segment!

Remembering that, for now, for regulatory reasons, the ECG works only on Apple Watches purchased in the United States. boring, but understandable.

MacBook Air with Touch ID

When the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar was launched, many wondered (and continue to wonder) what would be the real use of a touch-sensitive bar over the keyboard; nobody, however, questioned the usefulness of having a Touch ID for the first time integrated into a Mac.

New golden MacBook Air from above with keyboard

On the MacBook Air 2018, I would say that Apple did what many users expected: it took the best for many people, perhaps the only relevant component of the Touch Bar and put it in their most loved and desired notebook. The result could not be anything other than an elegant and functional machine that, in many ways, surpasses the entry-level MacBook Pro without Touch Bar.

Mac mini, the return

Who knew that Apple's entry-level desktop, which went over four years without receiving a single update, would be transformed by the company?

New Mac mini from the front from above

Anyone who looks from the outside and sees only the color change from silver to space gray cannot see the beauty of this little notable who, I venture to say, has turned into a computer capable of making the eyes of many professionals shine through.

I will not enter the price this is for another article, but the fact that being able to put an 8th generation Intel Core i7 chip, 64GB of RAM and an SSD of up to 2TB makes this device a great option for many people who before even he was considering using the mini.

iOS 12

What iOS 11 received critically, with its disappointing performance mainly on older devices, iOS 12 received praise.

iOS 12

Surprisingly, the twelfth version of Apple's mobile operating system has arrived to breathe new life into devices that until then were renegade in the drawer. We followed several reports from readers who saw their iPhones 5s, 6 and 6s gain a new lease of life with the update, which, in fact, did not bring many news related to applications and features, but which did the job of making iOS faster, more pleasant. It is reliable.

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Obviously, we are talking here about a very opinionated article; and you, would you put any other 2018 Apple releases on this list? ?