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Apple partner Foxconn is producing sapphire glass for iPhone screens

We have already informed here on the website the agreement between Apple and GT Advanced Technologies, which involves the opening of a sapphire glass factory in Mesa, Arizona. Such a product today using in the protection of lenses (camera) of iPhones and Touch ID.

Yesterday, the Apple Daily reported (Google Translate) that Foxconn (Apple?s partner in the manufacturing of iProducts) initiated a test production of sapphire glasses to be used on iPhones screens instead of the current Gorilla Glass.

Golden iPhone 5s, lying on its side

Everything is still a test, the production was ?only? 100 units, but the report indicates that this was a big step for the possibility to occur in the not too distant future. Synopsys and Bern Optics, also suppliers to Apple, would have made large investments in cutting machines and other types of equipment related to sapphire glass, which further increased speculation.

It remains to be seen here what Apple's plan is: it is clear that sapphire glass will be widely used for such an investment with GT Advanced Technologies it would not make sense just to protect the camera and the Touch ID. And, with the entry of other suppliers in the move, it seems that the most natural way even for Ma to start using sapphire glass in several products.

(via MacRumors)