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Apple Music: How to Enable High Quality Playback Even on Cellular Networks

Audifilos of the world, unite!

Ok, ok: the audifilos really probably use more elaborate solutions than a service streaming, a smartphone / tablet and regular headphones. Still, if you are a user of Apple Music, you can noticeably improve your listening experience if you have the habit of listening to music on the cellular network, you know?

I explain: by default, Apple Music on the iPhone (or iPad, if you have a model with cellular connectivity) is configured by default to not play music in high quality when the streaming is being carried out over mobile networks and not over Wi-Fi.

The transmission carried out over 3G / 4G is classified as adaptive, that is, if your connection is strong and stable, the service will reproduce the content very close to its maximum quality, but in any other scenario, the reproduction rate will drop substantially. And we know that mobile internet in Brazil is not the strongest or most stable in the world, no.

Fortunately, there is an option to force Apple Music to broadcast in high quality on mobile networks, even if its stability is no longer such things. To do this, just go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad, access the Apple Music preferences area and, within ?Cellular Data?, activate the option ?Broadcast in high quality?.

Apple Music in high quality

Recalling that, on this same screen, it is possible to activate or deactivate cellular data as a whole on Apple Music (if disabled, the application will not update the library or show covers when the device is connected to 3G / 4G), as well as disable the streaming and downloads via mobile networks.

It is also important to note that by enabling the high quality streaming option on mobile networks, Apple Music can consume a larger share of its data franchise so if your gigabyte limit isn?t there, it might be a good idea leave the feature unchecked. ?