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Anatel approves updated version of Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch

In mid-November, Apple released an updated version of the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock without any apparent change and with unchanged price: $ 79, outside.

You can only be sure that this is a new model because of its part number: the old one was MLDW2AM / A, the new one MU9F2AM / A. My guess is that Apple had to make a small adjustment to the accessory to perfectly accommodate the latest generation of its watch, which brought small changes to its box dimensions.

Well, this updated version of the product here in Brazil is called Base with magnetic charger for Apple Watch has just been approved by the National Telecommunications Agency.

Here is the Homologation Certificate for model A2086:

Approval of the new Magnetic Charging Dock

Here, photos of the unit sent for Anatel's evaluation:


For now, it is worth noting, the base that is sold in the Brazilian Apple Online Store (for R $ 629.10, seen) is still the old one.

The original model had been approved in late 2015.