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An iMac with Retina display is expected to become a reality later this year

At the beginning of the first MacMagazine On Air this year, we made some Apple launch bets for 2014 and I talked about a new iMac with Retina display.

Because Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper and cofounder of Tumblr seems to agree with me and wrote a few days ago a great article explaining how Apple should make this new machine viable.

IMac screen

For some reason, Arment focused all of his text on the 27-inch iMac, leaving the 21.5-inch aside. The challenge is certainly greater this way, since everything that Apple manages to overcome in the 27-inch would apply to the smaller model.

The current resolution of the current 27-inch iMac of 2560 × 1440 pixels, that is, without thinking too much a new Retina model would have doubled in each measurement (that is, the quadruple in number of pixels): 5120 × 2880 pixels. And from which Arment does all his analysis, explaining that current technologies would not allow an iMac or a Thunderbolt Display with that amount of pixels simply because it would require an absurd 28Gbps of bandwidth going through a cable, while the Thunderbolt 2 interface (yes , already her second generation) reaches a maximum of 20Gbps.

For Arment, the path would be similar to what Apple itself did with MacBooks Pro: actually doubling a previous maximum resolution, which would take us to a 3840 × 2160 pixel screen, nothing less than a standard 4K resolution. Thus, OS X itself could simulate higher resolutions by doing dynamic graphic resizing. exactly how I use my MacBook Pro with a 15-inch Retina display: simulating 1920 × 1200 pixels, when in fact its standard Retina resolution works at 1440 × 900 pixels (only 2880 × 1800 pixels on the screen).

Arment's reasoning is perfect and why Apple should follow its path, not least because, due to the normal distance of use, an iMac would not need to have these absurd 5120 × 2880 pixels for its screen to be considered Retina.

And hopefully the price of the machine is more or less equal to that of the current line.

(via Daring Fireball)