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Woman has her face burnt after MagSafe spark ignites oxygen mask

If you are in the habit of following the MacMagazine, so you should know that we have commented on some legal cases against Apple involving gadgets and computers that are ?from another world?. This time, however, despite the surprising tone, the reason why Ma was sued is also worrying.

A complaint filed yesterday in a Chicago (Illinois) court by American Penny Manzi described an accident she suffered in January 2018. Manzi, who suffered from a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), was at home using a nearby MacBook his oxygen mask and, the moment he connected the power adapter to the notebook, a spark (supposedly originated by the connector) ignited the mask, burning it.

She said that Apple was aware of the problems that plagued the MagSafe connector, and yet it deceived her by not notifying her directly about the possible risks. For those who don't remember, Ma has been sued almost a decade ago for defective MagSafe adapters, including the case of a MacBook that caught fire because of this problem.

To try to remedy the controversy, the Cupertino giant opened, in 2011, a replacement program for MagSafe adapters, which ended in early 2014. This type of connector has had two generations throughout its life and has been replaced by the USB standard -C / Thunderbolt 3 in the latest notebooks the only selling model that still uses this technology from Apple is the MacBook Air of 2017.

In the lawsuit, Manzi declared that he suffered "serious and substantial personal injury" and asks for $ 75,000 in compensation for "past and present suffering, loss of pace of life and medical expenses" resulting from the fire.

via AppleInsider