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WhatsApp removes button to download stickers on iPhone | Social networks

Even with the change, interested parties can still access the App Store to search for and add new stickers to the messenger from the offers available by the company. For users of the Android system, nothing has changed and they still have access to Google Play from the WhatsApp sticker menu. In both versions of the software, the messenger's native menu includes 12 sticker packs per pattern.

Apple started deleting sticker apps for WhatsApp in November. According to the company's guidelines, the programs cannot depend on other third parties to function, such as the platforms in question. Since it violates the rules established by the company, the removal of this type of service from the official store has been ongoing since then.

One way for the messenger not to frustrate users of the iOS operating system could be the creation of a sticker shop. In this way, WhatsApp would solve the standard required by Apple. However, this change can take time and, in addition, there is no forecast as to when (and if) it will occur.