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User discovers icon of possible Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS after huge gambiarra

Rumors of a possible Smart Battery Case for iPhones XS / XS Max they are already very solid: we already have ?official? images of the new product. One iPhone X owner, however, discovered yet another piece of evidence about the new accessories directly on iOS and the most interesting part of the whole thing is how he got to all of this.

The user in question is called Tom, and he said in a post on Reddit that he did a really insane experiment: he took a Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 and he cut the scissors on it, cutting three sides completely and part of his ?chin ?To make the accessory fit an iPhone X. Crazy? Risky? Sure, but here's the fully functional result:

Smart Battery Case cut to fit an iPhone X

From there, the evidence emerged that Apple is planning an accessory update for its new smartphones: the Smart Battery Case icon in iOS 12.1.2, which brings its charge level, shows a slightly updated design, more long-lasting and with a hole for the upright cameras:

cone of alleged new Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS / XS Max on iOS

The icon, of course, must refer to the iPhones XS and XS Max, since the iPhone X has already been discontinued by Apple and it would make no sense to produce an accessory for a product that is no longer sold. Just to refresh your memory, here are the "official" images of the supposed new Smart Battery Case, discovered by developer Guilherme Rambo a few weeks ago:

Comparison between the old Smart Battery Case and the new, for the iPhone XS

The new accessory has already been mentioned in an internal Apple document, which is, for all intents and purposes, basically a matter of time before Apple officially announces it. Who's going?

via MacRumors