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Twitterrific will lose notifications and live streaming from August

Since Twitter introduced its new API for integrating third-party clients, one thing has basically been understood: that was an attitude to effectively kill them after all, who will want to use a social media application that does not bring notifications push or real-time updates? And who will want to pay high money to maintain these resources?

The fact that, today, we are seeing the first practical reflections of this action: Iconfactory, developer responsible for Twitterrific, announced that the customer will undergo major changes soon, changes that certainly will not please its users at all.


As of August 16, the Twitterrific app for iOS will no longer display native notifications ie likes, replies, quotes, retweets, direct messages and all the other elements of the Twitter experience will no longer reach your notification box if Twitterrific is the only client installed on your smartphone. Iconfactory recommends that users who want to follow the notifications install the official Twitter app to do so, using Twitterrific for all other tasks.

As a result of the withdrawal of the feature, Iconfactory is discontinuing the Twitterrific app for Apple Watch, which, after all, basically served as a vehicle for notifications.

In addition, from that date on the application will no longer bring streaming live from tweets, that feature that automatically updates the timeline whenever a new post is published by someone you follow. Twitterrific will update the timeline every two minutes to obtain the most recent publications; The good part (?) is that, with this, the lists will be updated in this interval as well, no longer requiring a manual update by the user.

Users who download Twitterrific from today will no longer have access to these features, but those who have already used the app and paid for it will be able to use it until the new API takes effect, in August minus the Apple Watch app, disappear as soon as users update the software.

It is a very bad situation, and almost incomprehensible. You can understand that Twitter desperately needs money from advertisements (which third-party customers do not show), but it didn?t have a way to balance its finances without pushing a community that supported the bird?s network from the beginning and helped you to conquer the position you are in?

Anyway. For those still interested, Twitterrific is available for free on the iOS App Store and can be purchased for R $ 24.90 on the Mac App Store.

Twitterrific app icon: Tweet Your Way

Twitterrific app icon: Tweet Your Way

via 9to5Mac