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Tool to hack iOS is stolen by employee of the company that produces it

Ah, the karma never fails, right? Let him say NSO Group, Israeli company that manufactures one of the main spy and hacking software for iOS devices, the infamous Pegasus, which has already caused waves of concern in the Apple world by installing secretly on iPhones and iPads with a single click.

In a surprising twist in the company's day-to-day life, a somewhat greedy (and about to be fired) employee stole the NSO's Pegasus source code with the intention of selling it for a hefty amount of money in the depths of the deep web the company does business with all types of customers, but (at least on the surface) it does not negotiate with criminal, terrorist or otherwise illegal groups, which was certainly not an employee concern.

The case happened at the beginning of the year but it only came up now, as the Motherboard. The 38-year-old senior programmer who took the action did not have to work hard to obtain the software: NSO has security devices on its computers that prevent employees from passing information to external drives, but the employee was able to turn off those devices simply by searching on Google for tutorials on how to do it (seriously, it's all in his browsing history).

With the computers released, it was just a matter of copying the source code of the Pegasus to an external HDD and he could go for the embrace or better, for the $ 50 million, which was the equivalent amount in cryptocurrencies requested for the sale of the stolen software.

Only that the plans ended up going wrong: one of the possible buyers who contacted the official alerted NSO about the theft and the company called on the legal authorities to capture the bandit. A few days later, he was arrested and his apartment was already being searched; the software was recovered (apparently) before being passed on to third parties.

In the end everything was fine, but the story has a clear moral: the creation of possible backdoors in operating systems, as the FBI and other security agencies around the world so want, they just lose all digital security. After all, there is always a breach of privacy and a greedy hacker wanting to profit from it with these doors open, the number of cases like this would only multiply. We hope that is not the case.

via AppleInsider