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See some of the news that can reach Ubuntu 20.04

Since the announcement, we have been speculating what could come in this new LTS version of Ubuntu and what we can expect from it. Well, if we are going to base ourselves on the project's Trello, we can expect a lot of news to come.

Some things are very interesting, and if they do come, it will be a huge leap forward in terms of support in several aspects. Some points we can highlight are:

Continuous improvement of Gnome Shell performance, in relation to stutterings and frame losses;

Inclusion of Feral Interactive's GameMode in the Ubuntu ISO, thus enabling system optimizations for games;

Improve the fingerprint driver, this at the request of an OEM company that was not disclosed;

Re-enable support for NVENC on Ubuntu within the FFmpeg binary, which has been disabled since version 18.10 because of license compatibility. The essential NVENC for those with NVIDIA GPUs.

The new version of Plymouth has a new binary included with the plymouth-theme-spinner, thus enabling the possibility of using the logo at boot time, as other distros already do, such as Fedora;

Continued work on supporting ZFS / Zsys on the system.

To check out all the options that may come or are on the roadmap, you can check out their Trello.

I believe that if all these new features come to Ubuntu version 20.04, it will really be one of the improvements already made. Because it will give an extra focus on those who need graphics processing, especially for those who use NVIDIA, in addition to including the Feral gamemode. Another important point, especially for hybrid folks (Intel + NVIDIA), Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will most likely come with Xorg 1.20.6, which relies on modifications made by NVIDIA to make hybrid GPUs work satisfactorily on Linux.

This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum. I hope you see you next time, a strong hug.

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