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Qualcomm now says it can arrest or fine Apple representatives in China

Who thought that the share of developments in battle between Apple and Qualcomm for 2018 it had already run out can take the horse out of the rain. As the Global Times China, the microchip giant now has plans not only to ban the sale of iPhones in the Pas da Muralha, but also to ask for imprisonment, detention or fine of representatives of Ma in the country.

It is explained: recently, Apple updated iOS 12 with a change of interface exclusively for China that, theoretically, would fail to disrespect Qualcomm's patents that are causing the imbroglio between the two companies over there. Qualcomm, however, accused Ma of producing a "smoke screen" the patent would still be infringed and the company's request to ban iPhones in the country would continue to be valid.

Now, in addition to wanting to ban the sale of the devices in China, Qualcomm also fans the possibility of taking legal actions directly against Apple's four legal representatives in the country. They claim to have the right to ask a Chinese court to fine or arrest the representatives, or possibly prevent them from leaving the country.

Apparently, Qualcomm is dissatisfied with Apple's disregard for the Chinese dispute over the battle of companies in Germany. As you may have seen, in Europe, Ma stopped selling some iPhones as a result of the chip maker's lawsuit; Qualcomm believes that the Cupertino giant is not taking the Chinese lawsuit with the same seriousness because, because of that, the accusation would be based on software elements, not hardware.

What a situation, huh

via 9to5Mac