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Qualcomm deposits € 1.34 billion to secure ban on iPhones in Germany

The (apparently) eternal legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm it seems to have no end and chapters are now arriving more often than ever. Recent events come directly from the Germany, where a local court recently ruled that Apple should stop selling some models of iPhones in the country because they would be infringing on the microchip giant's patents.

As soon as the court decision was rendered, Apple announced that it would stop selling the iPhones 7 and 8 immediately in its stores, but the devices would continue to be sold at authorized dealers and operator stores. Qualcomm has now submitted a deposit of 1.34 billion (about R $ 5.7 billion) so that the ban in German territory takes effect and Apple can be compensated for the losses if the injunction is reversed.

More precisely, the deposit made by the company as a ?guarantee? for the court order to take effect immediately and only now is Apple obliged to stop the sale of iPhones in Germany; the company only went ahead by announcing the suspension at the end of last month.

What remains under doubt is the sale of iPhones 7 and 8 in other stores and operators. Now, if Germany is issuing an order that prevents the sale of the models as a whole in the country, it does not seem to make sense for only Apple to stop selling them but they are still available for purchase in the country, right?

Qualcomm should address this issue in the next rounds of the dispute with Ma in the courts, which, incidentally, must be very close: Apple is appealing the decision and the two parties will meet again very soon for new rounds of negotiations and exchange of kindness.

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via Apple World Today